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Occupational Therapy Services
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As an independent occupational therapist I can provide a truly flexible Occupational Therapy service, enabling people when, where and how it most suits their needs. We always tailor the best services to meet the service aims, specify goals and evidence based intervention and outcome measures together.

The thorough and collaborative approach, combined with understanding of your needs and 'hands on' experience from relevant specialties, enables a smooth, efficient service. My professional credentials are outlined in Experience.

High quality services, data- and quality -assurance are matters of course, and Ability's standards in terms of equal opportunities and accountability are high. Ability adheres to the Health Professions Council (HPC) standards, Guidelines and Codes of Ethics laid down by British Association of Occupational Therapy and the Codes for Business Practice from Occupational Therapists in Independent Practice.

Continuous professional development enables a service at the forefront of Occupational Therapy and Health and Safety. Ability may help you achieve more than you imagine possible.

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