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Occupational Therapy Services
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Borangeblarge Care Managers Typical services and customers:

Ability can help
The broad and extensive experience and skill base is applied to enable access and ability within a wide range of medical and functional areas for people of all ages. Customers often have a physical and/or cognitive disability, including brain injury, cognitive dysfunctions and dyspraxia. Evidence based assessments and interventions are employed where suitable and efficient for the Service User. Specific measurable goals and outcome measures enhance focus and communication amongst stakeholders, in turn facilitating smooth, and efficient person centred developments.

We work together
Services provided via Care Managers are tailor made in collaboration with the purchaser and service user to meet the identified needs and achieve the agreed, specific goals. We work in the relevant environment, at times, that suit the service user and enhance the benefit of the therapeutic intervention.

Typical services
Frequently requested services include assessment documented in reports with clear, costed recommendations and specification to enable immediate consideration of funding and purchase.

Treatment, equipment and adaptation are provided to optimise independence, maintain medical conditions and facilitate safety of the person and their carers. Manual Handling with people is another specialty often employed in case work and training.

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