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Occupational Therapy Services
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Dorangeblarge GP's and other primary care Typical services and customers:

Ability can help
Individual patients can benefit from tailor-made Occupational Therapy in terms of functional ability, improved maintenance of medical conditions, access within the home and improved safety, e.g. managing risk associated with falls, musculo-skeletal strain, inactivity or confusion. Clients with a wide range of medical and functional issues are catered for and services are provided to people of all age groups and their carers.

OT can also improve the skill-base of staff by educating on a wide range of topics including manual handling. This can help to improve management of patients and be part of your staff's Continued Professional Developments (CPD).

We work together
Services are tailor-made to efficiently and cost effectively meet the identified needs and achieve the agreed goals.

Intervention is person centred, flexible and evidence based wherever possible. Close collaboration with other professionals and all stake holders is a matter of course. Outcome measures are agreed and records provided in useful, bespoke formats as required.

Typical services
Patients often suffer from neurological conditions, brain injury, cognitive impairment, psycho-physical dysfunctions or dyspraxia, as well as a wide range of chronic and progressive diseases, including the arthritic and other musculo-skeletal conditions such as e.g. spinal injury (back pain) and complex regional pain syndrome.

Facilitation of increased ability, independence and development for individuals and functional assessment (including care needs if required). Training and guidance can also be provided for carers to facilitate increasingly independent activity for a person.

Treatment also includes techniques and specification of equipment, to enable people achieving their everyday goals and optimize functional ability, maintenance of conditions as well as increased safety for the person and other people (including carers).

Assessment of need, specification and clear, costed recommendations can enable direct consideration (depending on local policies) of funding and statutory provision may be achieved where the needs are eligible.

Moving and assisting with people (Manual Handling) is another specialty often used with individuals as well as taught to groups. Assessment of risk, specification of reasonably practicably safe methods of care and facilities required (statutory and informal carers) are other such services provided.

However, if you have any queries or requirements not mentioned here, please contact me. I will be delighted to help explore your options.

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