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Occupational Therapy Services
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Eorangeblarge Housing Typical services and customers:

Ability can help
Services provided are tailor-made in collaboration with the Manager/Housing Officer to meet the identified needs in a timely, suitable and cost efficient manner.

Tenants often have multiple problems that include both physical and cognitive disabilities. OT can help to identify problem areas and the best ergonomic solution.

We work together
Training is bespoke and designed to optimise the benefit and ease for tenants and employees, often provided as part of a service development. Assessments, reports and follow-up visits in individual cases are also agreed with you to suit your in-house policies and procedures. We arrange the assessment to suit the tenant and any attending housing officer/Surveyor and your process. The time-line for the OT service provision is agreed before hand, and designed to suit the tenant and your requirements, e.g. a regeneration project.

Typical services
Bespoke training programs provided have included Trusted Assessor training for Housing Officers and contractors as part of a Minor Adaptation Without Delay (MAWD) programme, also taught separately.

Individual assessments of access and/or safety for tenants in their home and/or the communal environment can include joint site visits with your staff to identify the best solution for the customer.

OT input into design of communal areas and dwellings, new built or renewal can ensure access for and compliance with good practice guidelines. Reports are designed to enable immediate consideration of funding (including Disabled facilities Grants (DFGs) and provided unless it is a feasibility assessment. The format can be yours or I can devise one that suits your in-house formats.

References are available on request.

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