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Occupational Therapy Services
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Forangeblarge Individual people Typical services and customers:

Ability can help
The broad and extensive experience and skill base is used to enable people of all ages with a wide range of medical and functional issues. Customers have a physical disability, including acquired and congenital brain injury, cognitive impairment, dyspraxia, conditions affecting development or age related issues.

We work together
Services to individuals are tailor made in collaboration with the customer to achieve the goals. The therapy often includes support to access to other services with minimal delay, usually avoiding repeat assessment, and avoiding delay whilst awaiting statutory service provision. Facilitation of smooth, person centred processes and services are central to efficiently enabling outcomes that meet the personal and family needs. We use evidence based methods where possible and select measurable goals together.

Typical services
Occupational Therapy can help facilitate increased ability, independence and enable living life as you choose. Treatment, techniques, equipment and adaptation are regular measures to optimise ability, maintain medical conditions and facilitate safety. Guidance of carers to aid them assisting the person to increase ability can also aid smooth and efficient improvements.

We work in the relevant environment at times that suit you, and enhance the benefit of the therapy, so if you are for instance developing ability to manage personal care in the morning, we’ll work at your home when you would normally do this. Ease and safety for carers is another speciality regularly requested.

References are available on request.

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