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Occupational Therapy Services
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Horangeblarge Solicitors Typical services and customers:

Ability can help
Services provided to Solicitors are tailor made to inform the Court in a thorough, timely and suitable manner.

The extensive professional experience and skill base is applied to assess clients afflicted by medical and functional challenges caused by physical and/or cognitive conditions or injury, and identify their needs.

Typical services
I provide Housing and care need assessments regarding people of all ages, as well as their carers. Key access issues often relate to functional needs pertaining to specific facilities, eligibility and priority, access to independence, safety and maintenance of medical conditions, assessment of existing accommodation and specifying current and future needs.

The report complies with the Woolfe Reforms and, depending on requirements, details the medical condition and functional abilities, accommodation, other issues relevant such as carer- or family- needs, as well as recommendations and opinion.

References are available on request.

Care managers

Care providers

GP's and other primary care providers


Individual people

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